Dog Breed Health Issues: Briard, Brittany Spaniel
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The Briard is a vigorous sheep-dog that can live happily indoors only if it is given sufficient and regular exercise.  Its coarse, rough coat is considered self-cleaning because it retains neither mud nor moisture.  Outdoor dogs seldom need bathing.  However, house-pets and show dogs should be brushed regularly - to remove any dead undercoat - and given an occasional bath.

Average Lifespan Of The Briard: 10-14 years.
Average Weight: 75-100lbs.

Inherited Diseases:

Extra Eyelashes
CRA (Central Retinal Atrophy):
CRA is another inherited disease of the retina and is different from PRA.  CRA causes progressive loss of vision, but the progression may be so slow as to leave your old dog with some sight.  It is mainly seen in the UK.
Oversized Eyelid Opening:
See eyelid conditions in dogs.

Hip Dysplasia
Brittany Spaniel:

The Brittany Spaniel is susceptible to ear infections; check and clean the ears daily.  Exercise and frequent walks are essential, as this breed was originally used as a hunting dog.  Grooming a Brittany consists of bathing it several times a year and brushing it regularly, at least once a week.
Average Lifespan Of The Brittany Spaniel: 12-14 years.
Average Weight: 31-39lbs.

Inherited Diseases:

Retinal Detachment (Dysplasia): A type of retinal deformation.
Briard Temperament:
Exercise Requirements: 4/5
Affection Level: 3/5
Friendliness-Other Pets:
Friendliness-Strangers: 1/5
Ease Of Training:
Brittany Spaniel Temperament:
Exercise Requirements: 5/5
Affection Level: 5/5
Friendliness-Other Pets:
Friendliness-Strangers: 5/5
Ease Of Training:
About The Ratings:
Exercise Requirements:
1: Low, 5: High
Affection Level:
1: Introverted, 5: Extroverted.
Friendliness-Other Pets:
1: Least Friendly, 5: Most Friendly.
1: Least Friendly, 5: Most Friendly.
Ease Of Training:
1: Most Difficult, 5: Least Difficult.
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