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While it is true that most cats groom themselves regularly and are very fastidious about keeping themselves clean, extra cat grooming enhances the appearance and helps remove dead hair.  This is important, especially in the case of a long haired cat, because the hair a cat swallows during grooming can form hairballs in the cat's stomach.

Let's have a look at proper cat grooming.  Each topic below is covered in detail on separate pages:
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Cat Grooming:
Combing And Brushing Your Cat

Combing and brushing are the first steps to keeping your cat well groomed.
Combing separates tangled hair at skin level; brushing removes dead hair and gives luster to....(more)
Giving Your Cat A Bath

Why bathe a cat? Cats get dirty just like dogs, especially if they go outside.  And if they pick up fleas, a flea bath is certainly....(more)
Cutting Your Cat's Nails

Cat's nails are sharp and curved, and cats seem to spend a lot of time keeping them extra sharp.  Outside cats generally wear down their nails in the course of normal activities, but an indoor cat's nails are usually....(more)
Cleaning Your Cat's Ears

Clean your cat's ears routinely, at least once a week.  Cleaning the ears is a relatively easy task....(more)
Dental Care For Cats

The teeth of adult cats often develop stains and dental calculus (aka tartar) - the deposits located on the teeth at the gumline.  If the tartar is allowed....(more)
Proper grooming is as important to your cat as it is to you.  A well groomed cat looks good and feels good, and grooming sessions serve two useful purposes beyond the obvious goal of cleanliness: they are (or should be) fun for you both, and they give you a chance to do a quick check on your cat's general health.
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