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Is “crazy” the right term here?  In a word, YES!  When cats are exposed to the stems or leaves of the Catnip plant, they will paw at it, chew it......
Should I Bother With Pet Insurance?
It really depends on the state of your savings, and how far you would go financially to save your pet. We decided to get a few quotes from Veterinary Pet Insurance to give you an idea on costs.....
Teach Your Cat Simple Tricks
Most cats require little training-they prefer to train themselves.
Will they do tricks? Some will and some won’t.  But if they won’t, it’s not because they’re not smart enough-it’s because they simply don’t want to! ....
Dog & Cat Top 10 Lists!
How To Tell A Cat From A Dog
An amusing article about the differences between the two most popular pets in the world...
Tips For Low Cost Pet Care
Many of us would like to adopt a pet, but shy away from the proposition because of the costs involved.  Follow these money saving tips for pet care.....
How Do I Stop My Dog From Biting Strangers?
How does the guarding instinct of a dog manifest itself from simple barking to downright dangerous behavior such as biting a welcome stranger who has been invited into our home?...
Why Does Catnip Drive My Cat Crazy?
Don't Feed This To Your Cat!
An article about things that you should not feed your cat, to ensure its health....
How Do I Stop My Dog From Stealing?
Why does my dog steal and bury items from around the house?
  What can I do to make it stop?....
Does your dog frequently paw at her ears, or shake her head excessively?  Or do you notice red, irritated skin, discharge, or....
How Do I Clean My Dog's Ears?
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