Top 10 Best Guard Dog Breeds:
#4 Komondor
Like the Puli, the Komondor (right) was bred for sheep herding on the Hungarian plains, and they're a lot more active than their appearance would indicate.  But the Komondor can be much more aggressive than the Puli, especially if they feel their property or master is threatened.  The Komondor is well known for its courage, independent thinking, and loyalty. 
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#5 Puli
The Puli (left) may look quite docile, but the exact opposite is true.  They are a very active breed and excellent sheep herders, a purpose they were originally bred for in Hungary.  Pulis are not overly aggressive dogs, but their high intelligence, loyalty and "sensibly suspicious" nature make them excellent watchdogs.  They also have a tendency to bark a lot more than most dogs. 
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#8 Rhodesian Ridgeback
The Rhodesian Ridgeback (left) is a classic hunting dog with a strong prey drive, and independent nature. They are an intelligent dog that can be quite destructive if left at home alone all day. They are quite discriminating in what they bark at, so whatever it is, you should definitely investigate!  Count on your Ridgeback to aggressively protect you, if necessary.
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#9 Kuvasz
The Kuvasz (right) is a handsome, strong and very territorial breed with a natural guarding instinct.  They are a bit shy with (non-threatening) strangers, but very loving with members of their "pack".  The Kuvasz craves physical affection; in fact you may find your Kuvasz leaning against your legs while he's sitting!    
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#10 Staffordshire Terrier
The Staffordshire Terrier (right) was originally created for bear and bull fighting, and should not be confused with the American Pit Bull Terrier.  Most people have a strong opinion for or against the breed, due to their reportedly aggressive behavior.  But many Staffie owners insist the breed is a loyal and loving family dog, who only display agressiveness when protecting a family member.  Most breeders and owners agree that the Staffie should be trained and socialized with humans at a young age to avoid future behavioral problems.   
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#7 German Shepherd
The German Shepherd (right) is a world-wide favorite.  They are very intelligent (actually the third most intelligent dog breed in the world) with a very strong protective instinct, which probably explains their high level of success as police and search dogs.  As long as they are trained properly from puppyhood, they can be excellent with children and make great family pets.
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#6 Giant Schnauzer
The Giant Schnauzer (right) is a large, powerful and dominant breed that requires a firm hand.  Because of their willful nature, training must be done early and consistently.  Giant Schnauzers tend to become extremely attached to their owners, in fact yours will probably follow you around the house!  This intense loyalty coupled with the dog's great strength make the Giant Schnauzer an ideal watch dog.
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#3 Rottweiler
The Rottweiler (right) is one of the smartest dogs in the world, the ninth smartest, in fact.  And it turns out they're one of the bravest, too!  The Rotty has the best of both worlds: very calm and loving with their family, but at the same time, fiercely protective.  And they back up this protective instinct with incredible strength, stamina, and resistance to pain. As long as they are trained from an early age, the Rottweiler can be a great family dog.  Some are even therapy dogs!
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#2 Doberman Pinscher
Louis Doberman of Apolda, Germany, began trying to breed a giant terrier about 1875.  He wanted a guard and working dog with the agility of the terrier.  He used Rottweiler, Greyhound and Terrier blood to create the Doberman (left) that we know today.  Dobermans do tend to vary in temperment depending on the individual, but a typical Doberman will not hesitate to attack if it believes its family is in danger.  They are the fifth smartest dog in the world.
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#1 Bullmastiff
Number one on our list is the Bullmastiff (right), a breed that is actually 40% Bulldog and 60% Mastiff.  A typical Bullmastiff is loyal, courageous and intensely loyal to its family, with a very strong protective instinct.  Along with biting, they tend to defend their territory in an unusual way - using their great strength to knock intruders over, and pin them to the ground!  Or they will defiantly stand in the intruder's path and won't let them pass.  Bullmastiffs do have a natural wariness of strangers, but love spending time with their family and dislike to be left alone.
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A total of fourteen expert dog trainers (including police dog trainers) were consulted to compile this list of the top ten best guard dog breeds. During their evaluation they considered not only a dog's temperament and physical strength, but its courage, loyalty, and resistance to pain.  There are some dogs who possess all of these qualities but didn't make the list because of their small size.  Chihuahuas, most breeds of Terriers, and Miniature Schnauzers are certainly brave, but unfortunately can easily be dealt with by an intruder.

The top 10 guard dogs as chosen by the experts are:
Source of original list: "The Intelligence Of Dogs" By Stanley Coren
Source of descriptions: Pet Meds Online.Org
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